How to produce corporate portraits at numerous locations throughout the UK

When legal firm Shoosmiths decided that they needed to completely renew and improve their corporate portraits across the whole of the UK – the Commercial Photographers Network was the obvious answer. In our latest blog, we look behind the scenes on a corporate headshot shoot by CPN member Graham Oakes who is based in Birmingham.

Having tried various different photographers on an ad hoc basis in various cities, it became clear that consistency, lighting, approach and style of each corporate portrait varied widely from one photographer to another.

Gray Balance Test Shot - by David Burrows . CPN Photographer

All the CPN photographers shoot with a grey balance test card. This shot was taken by CPN photographer David Burrows in Manchester.

The Commercial Photographers Network provides a unique, coordinated approach to these types of problems. By doing a test corporate headshot shoot with our London member Nigel Crump, we were able to work out a template, style and lighting arrangement that could be reproduced at each shoot, no matter where the location.A corporate background was made to further enhance the look and feel of a coordinated set of staff headshots.

Corporate Portrait Guidelines - adhered to

All the CPN photographers work from the same brief and can compare their images with ones done previously for the same client. This makes sure all the headshots are the same no matter where they are taken in the UK.

Each CPN photographer can shoot tethered with the camera is attached to the laptop, enabling the sitter to see the images live, as shot. This puts them at ease and lets them choose their favourite headshot from the portrait session.

Client choice Birmingham Office

CPN photographer Graham Oakes showing the results of the session to the client. All the CPN photographers shoot tethered so the staff can choose their headshots immediately after the shoot.

If a company the size of Shoosmiths thinks that CPN was the first choice to produce professional corporate portraits and headshots, you can be sure that your company or organisation will feel the same.

The final result -engaging personable, professional portraits.

The final result -engaging personable, professional portraits.

We’re in the business of solving multi-site shoot problems, giving you consistency, creativity and a joined-up approach to your photography projects, while saving you time in doing so.

If you’d like some more information about our unique UK-wide Commercial Photographers Network then contact us. Wherever you are, we have a photographer near you!

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