Professional product photography requires more than just highly specialised equipment, although this is important to help achieve the right look.

No two products are the same, from food photography to silverware and electronics products to soft furnishings, all have different characteristics which need to be captured and enhanced.

The most common and cost effective way to photograph products is against a white back-ground, which is also the standard for e-commerce sites like Amazon. One common mis-understanding for clients who are new to product photography is that this just involves plac-ing a product in a light tent and taking a quick snap. You will probably have many online tu-torials suggesting that that’s all that’s involved. The results might be OK for selling second hand products on Ebay but if you want that professional look it requires a lot more effort.

This is where the expertise of the CPN’s photographers, who have years of experience in photographing products comes in. As well as they carefully preparing the products for pho-tography, they will also carry out any necessary retouching. For more complex bespoke product photography, they can also advise on props and backgrounds and shoot in one of our many studios around the country.

If you would like to be put in touch with a professional product photographer near you then please email us or call us on 0333 567 0002.