Care Homes Interior Photography

Anchor/Hanover have one of the largest portfolios of properties for the elderly in the UK and it is important for them to keep fresh images of their locations on their website, especially after they have been renovated and redecorated.

The majority of the premises the CPN visits are care homes plus some retirement homes and are spread out across the country from the south coast to the north east.

The client provides the locations to John, our CPN account handler, who distributes the work to the nearest members together with a brief. We spend time discussing the project and planning the best time to visit. Each photographer then liaises with the managers to ensure everything is in place prior to the shoot.

Once on site we will often move furniture and add props so that we capture the spirit of the room in a single view. Additional lighting is carefully used as fill-in to be sympathetic with the natural light.

The benefits to the marketing department are that through just one source the photographic work is of a high and consistent standard and delivered on budget. It is a mark of our professionalism that we are able to produce these results and reinforce the company brand.

“Having worked with the CPN for a number of years I can highly recommend them for both location and lifestyle photography.

As we are a business with locations throughout the country it can be a logistical nightmare trying to organise shoots whereas the CPN can and do all of this for us which offers us a consistency of approach and minimum of fuss whilst remaining economically viable.”

Debbie Jones,
Marketing Manager,
Anchor Homes