Do you require quality architectural photography for publications and websites?

Did someone in your office take some photos of the new building, but they were not very good? 

Commercial Photographers Network member Simon Vine, who is based in Leeds, discusses what’s required to produce stunning architectural photographs.

The best advice is to commission a professional architectural photographer, who has the ability and experience to capture your new shiny state of the art building. This will convey a professional image of your company. Whether you require interior photography of the office, warehouse, construction process or factory, consider commissioning a professional photographer.

Leeds development architectural photography

Leeds development architectural photography

Here are some top tips from the Commercial Photographers Network.

An experienced architectural and interior photographer will firstly discuss your requirements and can assist in putting together a brief for the shoot.  Certain questions should be discussed such as:

  • Is there a creative style you would like to use? 
  • What is the end use of the images, are they for print or web use, or both?
  • Do you require exterior architectural photography or interior photography, or both? 
  • Are the images to fit within a certain size or aspect ratio of a publication, or web page? 
  • When is the building available to be photographed?
  • Would you like the car park to be full of cars, to look busy, or empty to show off the building to its best?
  • Would you like employees in the shots or not, and do you need the photography to take place after working hours or weekends?
  • Is dusk photography an option?
  • Would an elevated mast shot be required to take a higher perspective of the building? 
Architectural photography interior warehouse by Commercial Photographers Network member Simon Vine Leeds

Architectural photography interior warehouse by Commercial Photographers Network member Simon Vine Leeds


Health and safety issues need to be considered, to ensure a safe working environment for the photographer and employees, identifying risks such as vehicle movements, trip hazards, working at heights, avoiding hazardous substances, electrical and mechanical equipment on site. 

A professional architectural photographer, if time and budget allow, would visit the site to recce the building, to identify the areas to be photographed, and the best angles for the exterior and interior photography.  If this is not possible, the building can usually can be accessed remotely, using Google Maps and snaps taken by the client or contractor.  With regard to the exterior photography, find out when the sun is across the principle elevation, or any other external elevations to be photographed. For the interiors, identify the type of artificial lighting used and whether supplementary lighting to ‘lift’ any areas would be required. Any finally, make sure any rubbish or that skip outside is moved in advance, then wait for some fine weather! 

Apartment exterior photography Yorkshire

Apartment exterior photography Yorkshire

Where do I find an architectural photographer?

Here at the Commercial Photographers Network we have a team of professional photographers that covers the whole of the UK.  

Give us a call 0333 567 0002 or email now 

Office Interiors Yorkshire

Office Interiors Yorkshire

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