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Commercial Case Study Photography for Pickfords Removals

On an early Saturday morning in London, Commercial Photographers Network member Nigel Crump had a pleasant change. Unusually, the tube was almost empty of people; no commuters or tourists, just the odd worker either going to or returning from their shift. In our latest blog, Nigel talks us through commercial case study photograph for Pickfords.

I made my way from Vauxhall tube station with camera, portable lighting and tripod, not really knowing what I was going to be confronted with. The light was not that good but at least it was dry and I was very grateful for my all weather clothing, particularly in the cold store.


Commercial photographer in Lonodon

London photography with quick turnaround


The photography involved producing a case study of the removal of stock (fruit and veg) from the old  Covent Garden site to the bright, new, shiny New Covent Garden buildings. All paperwork, chairs, tables and highly precious stock was removed, stacked and placed into vehicles to be transported around 1000 metres to their new abode.


The speed that the work was carried out was pretty amazing and for most of it the guys were accommodating. It is termed ‘shooting on the fly’ I believe!! I did use a tripod, which gave me a bit of freedom and was able to set a couple of shots up and light them. But with forklifts and trucks moving at a pace I soon realised that they were working on time constraints, which meant if I left a flash gun and trigger in the wrong place that was a little challenge for them.


Commercial photographer in Lonodon

Cold storage photography


The result was around 800 images and the client was thrilled with the pictures. She even pointed out that she didn’t expect to get such an extensive choice of photos, but then she has not used the services of the Commercial Photographers Network before.


Commercial photographer in Lonodon

Apples is apples

I did a little retouching of around 80 images that will appear in a digital story book for Pickfords.

All in all a distinct REMOVAL from what she had had in the past. I think she will PICK Commercial Photographers Network next time.



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