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How can you co-ordinate commercial photography for 100 locations in the UK in just 3 months?

…Use a specialised co-ordinated network of photographers!

The Commercial Photographers Network (CPN) was approached by Four Seasons Care Homes who were looking for a photographers’ agency to photograph over 100 care homes throughout the UK. They’d previously commissioned photography but were unhappy with the results, as the quality was variable and there had been no consistency. They also had to deal with dozens of different photographers.

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Beautiful interior view of a retirement home lounge

Beautiful interior view of a retirement home lounge

As the Commercial Photographers Network has a great of experience in managing large photography commissions, we provided them with a very neat solution. All they needed to do was provide us with a list of  the care homes and the CPN co-ordinated all the rest, including briefing the photographers and supplying all the images in monthly batches with one invoice.

Simple stylish bedroom interior

Simple stylish bedroom interior

The commission was quite varied, taking in architectural photography of the care homes exteriors and selection of interiors and lifestyle photography. The latter was very important, as Four Seasons wanted to avoid lots of wide shots of rooms which can look very dull on a website. Instead, they wanted lifestyle shots which gave more of a sense of the care homes and created a cosy atmosphere.

Conveying an ambient and cosy environment in a retirement home

Conveying an ambient and cosy environment in a retirement home

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All the photographers in the CPN are experienced in photographing architecture, interiors and lifestyle images, so it’s something they can all do regardless of where they are in the country. After Four Seasons had given us the list of care homes, we allocated these to the photographers who were the closest, which helped save travel costs for the client. As each care home was photographed, the images were collected centrally and checked to make sure they fulfilled the brief before they were sent. Finally, Four Seasons only had to deal with 3 invoices, which were invoiced at the end of each month. The photography was completed in 3 months, with about 80% completed in the first two months.

If you require good commercial photography in the UK, then why not drop us an email or call us on 0333 567 0002. No project is too small or too big. If you need photography at one location or over 100, then we have the photographers and experience to help you.  

Story telling images in ground of a care home

Story telling images in garden of a care home

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