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Retail Store Opening Photography

Retail store opening photography that really stands out, is vital, for all sorts of reasons. Commercial photographers network member Toby Smedley explains how it should be done professionally.

THE WHY… Online Competitors

In this age of online shopping, when you open a new store, whether on the high street or in a shopping mall, it’s a big deal. It’s a serious financial investment and commitment for all the stake-holders involved, and not without risk.

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Virgin Media mobile phone customer care

Media Value…Cashing In

It’s therefore essential that established high street brands and smaller traders alike, have first class images that catch the eye, to use in various social media posts as well as in trade journals and the general press. You want as much positive promotional publicity as you can get and as soon as you can. And you want it at a sensible price. The carefully crafted images that the Commercial Photographers Network (CPN) provides are also very handy to use for subsequent trade shows and exhibition stands, for example.

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Staff photography at Subway

Market Sector Specialists

One of the key specialist areas of commercial photography that CPN members are frequently asked to provide is retail store opening photography. We do this for established brands such as Virgin Media, Subway, Superdry and Holland & Barrett – and for start-ups and others. We’re also commissioned to provide this vital and affordable service for bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants. These include Browns, Jamie’s Cafe and Las Iguanas. Our rates are very competitive and vary little across the whole of the UK. This includes Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

So, you’re assured of consistency in quality and pricing, as well as a fast turnaround.


Just in case you need further peace of mind, yes, we all carry full Public Liability Insurance.


Agreeing the Brief and Arranging Permits

Having agreed the brief, our closest member to the job will be your photographer for the shoot, keeping travel costs to a minimum.

We’ll liaise closely with you to ensure any relevant permits and notices are in place prior to any shoot. We’ll even carry your permits/model release forms with us on the day… just in case they’re required. We’re very aware of the current needs to comply with GDPR, especially where members of the general public are involved.

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Superdry mall shop front

Timing… Making Sure the Key Shots are in the Bag

In more ways than one, timing is essential. Not only do we need to consider the busiest times of the day for footfall, but also the weather. Of equal importance is how we use the cameras and when we activate the shutter.

Dealing With Mixed Lighting and Colour Casts

We all carry white balance cards and use them at the start of the shoot to enable us to accurately colour correct your final selection of images from your retail store opening photography shoot. This is particularly important in shopping malls where there’s crossover between natural daylight and all manner of artificial lighting.

retail store opening photography Toby Smedley commercial photographer Subway staff preparing subs sandwiches.5

Subway staff preparing sub sandwiches

Style and Composition

We use a combination of tripod mounted styles with low shutter speeds and hand held shots with higher shutter speeds. This gives you a great selection of images from formal architectural photography with true vertical perspectives – to the more contemporary, where we can carefully blur passers-by to render them unidentifiable, if required. We provide wide angle and close ups of the key features of the store, product and branding, both with and without customer interactions with staff.

retail store opening photography Toby Smedley commercial photographer Subway Lord Mayor ribbon cutting.4

Subway: Lord Mayor ribbon cutting

Delivery… Checking Out

We can deliver all the shots to you on the same day at low resolution, via ftp, or your own secure system, for you to select your shortlist.

We’ll then colour correct in post production and apply any additional retouching you’d like before sending to you at both high and low resolution.

Whichever of our photographers you use, you’ll receive one invoice from the CPN. Let us know if you’d like to add us to your list of suppliers, ahead of any future shoots.

For more information about how we can add value to your retail store opening photography, get in touch, there’s a branch of The Commercial Photographers Network near you.

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