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Industrial environments present photographers with a number of challenges and restrictions including accessibility, time constraints, health and safety requirements and lighting conditions

All the CPN team members have years of experience working in industrial environments and reliably produce results to the highest professional standard.

We liaise with all the appropriate contacts and departments in order to co-ordinate a safe and efficient shoot in any working environment. Our member photographers use a variety of specialist equipment including cameras, lenses and location lighting to ensure that we get the best out of any industrial shoot.

If you are considering an industrial photoshoot anywhere in the UK, please get in touch to find out more about what we can offer your business.

“We used the CPN for a number projects, most recently to gain site photos of our permanent formwork panels being installed on the new Forth Crossing Bridge.

The CPN co-ordinated directly with site to arrange the visit, which was a great help.  We were really happy with the photos taken, which allowed us to create a case study of this flagship build for use on our website.”

Ian Baggaley, Sales Manager, EMJ Plastics