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Editorial and PR photography frequently throws up a few unforeseen challenges. Often booked at short notice, a PR photographer has to quickly understand and interpret a brief before arriving at an unfamiliar location and making the best of the opportunities it presents, whatever the environment (and whether or not there are animals and children involved).

Our team members can be relied on to consistently produce eye-catching images in a short space of time…often under pressure and deliver the edited results the same day, even immediately after the shoot.

Our network includes award-winning press and PR photographers and examples of the high quality of their work can be seen on the members’ pages…And you won’t be able to tell from any of the shots how much pressure they were under!

Contact us with your requirements and to find out how the Commercial Photographers Network can help you.

“I have worked with the CPN on a number of occasions and have always found them to be responsive, approachable, friendly and professional. They are able to follow my brief well and deliver high quality images promptly.

The CPN also allows me to connect to to photographers in other parts of the UK and quickly achieve great results. I can trust that by contacting the CPN I can deliver great results on time and in budget.”

Marianne Pal, Creative Shed Agency Ltd