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We understand that professionalism, high quality and efficiency are all very important considerations for our corporate clients, so that’s exactly what the CPN delivers

Corporate clients often require staff portraits to be taken on location at their offices and in a short space of time in order to minimise any disruption to their working day. This can make it a challenge to produce professional portraits that also look relaxed.

We provide a flexible approach, shooting corporate portraits to suit every client’s needs, from formal individual boardroom portraits to relaxed group and team shots. We can even set up a ‘photo booth’ on site to photograph whole workforces for websites, LinkedIn profiles or annual reports.

You may require photography at a number of offices across the UK. With one of our members as your point of contact you will be assured that your brief is communicated in detail to the other relevant members and that all the resulting images are consistent and of a high quality.

Please get in touch with your requirements and ideas and we can help you plan the best solution that suits your needs.

“We required a solution for headshots to be taken of all staff across our six UK offices. The CPN was key in delivering a consistent and high standard of work.

Their professional approach enabled the project to run smoothly despite the number of locations. The CPN is now our main resource for any photography required throughout the business.”

Steven Ford, Marketing Manager, Maven Capital Partners