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Commercial photography is a highly specialised sector. As well as fulfilling the technical requirements of photographing products, business activities and services in a variety of different environments and situations, a commercial photographer must also work to tight deadlines and deliver within budget

As our name suggests, all the members of the Commercial Photographers Network have the skills and experience to deliver first class commercial photography and as a team we do it across the UK. In addition, we each have an extensive range of up to date equipment, including specialist cameras and lenses, professional lighting equipment and backgrounds. These combined, enable us to undertake a wide variety of shoots on location for companies large and small. Furthermore, all of the photographers in the Network have their own studios or can access one, allowing us to also provide high quality studio services.

We work in collaboration with clients, either directly or through agencies to ensure their products are styled, lit and photographed in line with their unique brand guidelines. Commercial photography also often includes photographing products and people in working environments. We have a great deal of experience working in a variety of challenging environments, such as factories, laboratories, clean rooms and other industrial spaces as well as offices.

Scores of clients across the UK choose the CPN to create the right images for their brand.

Get in touch with us and find out more.

“At Blow Up Media we find the team across the UK at CPN, professional, punctual and easy to work with. It is very important for our brand image and clients that we have consistently high quality photographs on a regular basis, which is what CPN are great at providing and the reason why we have worked with them since October 2012.

We have no hesitation in recommending the CPN and its Photographers to any business.”

Victoria Hirst, Marketing Manager, BlowUP Media