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Architectural photography requires attention to detail, planning and experience – and that’s what the  members of the Commercial Photographers Network offer

We provide a specialist architectural, interior and construction photography service for architects, designers and developers across the UK.

As with any commercial photography project, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirements. Where appropriate, we visit a building over a period of time in order to determine the best time of day to capture its various features and details, inside and out.

We understand the importance of correcting perspectives, and after the shoot, your photographer will spend time individually editing and retouching your images. We can even remove any unwanted information such as pylons, traffic and reflections.

The equipment, experience and attention to detail our team provides, ensures that you receive a collection of images that bring out the very best in your project.

For more information about our extensive experience, please contact us.

“Having worked with the CPN for a number of years I can highly recommend them for both location and lifestyle photography.

As we are a business with locations throughout the country it can be a logistical nightmare trying to organise shoots whereas the CPN can and do all of this for us which offers us a consistency of approach and minimum of fuss whilst remaining economically viable.”

Debbie Jones, Marketing Manager, Anchor Homes